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    This page contains part of the World Input-Output Database (WIOD). The tables below provide national Input-output tables (NIOT) in current prices, expressed in millions of dollars. The database covers 27 EU countries and 13 other major countries in the world for the period from 1995 to 2011.

    When using this database, a reference should be made to the following paper:
    Timmer, M. P., Dietzenbacher, E., Los, B., Stehrer, R. and de Vries, G. J. (2015),
    "An Illustrated User Guide to the World Input–Output Database: the Case of Global Automotive Production",
    Review of International Economics., 23: 575–605

    National Input-Output Tables, Released November 2013
    Australia NIOT Estonia NIOT Japan NIOT Romania NIOT
    Austria NIOT Finland NIOT Korea NIOT Russia NIOT
    Belgium NIOT France NIOT Latvia NIOT Slovak Republic NIOT
    Brazil NIOT Germany NIOT Lithuania NIOT Slovenia NIOT
    Bulgaria NIOT Greece NIOT Luxembourg NIOT Spain NIOT
    Canada NIOT Hungary NIOT Malta NIOT Sweden NIOT
    China NIOT India NIOT Mexico NIOT Taiwan NIOT
    Cyprus NIOT Indonesia NIOT Netherlands NIOT Turkey NIOT
    Czech Republic NIOT Ireland NIOT Poland NIOT United Kingdom NIOT
    Denmark NIOT Italy NIOT Portugal NIOT United States NIOT

    The data in the NIOTs are expressed in millions of dollars.
    Changes in the November 2013 update (pdf), applicable to tables for the years 2008-2011
    More information on the construction of the WIOTs can be found in the following paper: E. Dietzenbacher, B. Los, R. Stehrer, M.P. Timmer and G.J. de Vries (2013), "The Construction of World Input-Output Tables in the WIOD Project", Economic Systems Research, 25, 71-98.

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