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    Figures and Tables are taken from the following paper:
    Marcel P. Timmer, Bart Los, Robert Stehrer, Gaaitzen de Vries (2013), "Fragmentation, Incomes, and Jobs: An Analysis of European Competitiveness", Economic Policy, vol. 11(4), pp. 613-661.

    Replication Package

    Figure 1 Value added and workers involved in production of German transport equipment: (a) GVC income shares (in %); (b) number of GVC workers (in millions) Figure 4 Revealed comparative advantage of EU27, by group of final manufactures (%).
    Figure 1 Figure 4
    Figure 2 International fragmentation of production. Figure 5 Change in employment versus change in real wage in manufactures GVCs, 1995–2008 (1995 = 1).
    Figure 2 Figure 5
    Figure 3 Regional shares in world GVC income for all manufactures (%).
    Figure 3

    Table 1 Real GVC income across countries, all manufactures. (Annual data)
    Table 2 Decomposition of change in manufactures GVC income due to change in production structure and final demand.
    Table 3 Revealed comparative advantage based on GVC incomes by product, 1995 and 2008. (Annual data)
    Table 4 Growth in manufacturing exports and manufactures GVC income between 1995 and 2008 (%).
    Table 5 Manufactures GVC workers, 1995 and 2008, by sector. (Annual data)
    Table 6 Growth in manufactures GVC workers (in %), by skill level, 1995–2008.

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